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Welcome to the Owlett-Jaton Web Trade Site (OJ Trade).

A list of ‘Help’ Topics is available to assist you in getting the best from the site. Each topic also has a more detailed instruction sheet which you can print off should you wish to do so. Just click on the pdf link displayed alongside the topic description to open the document.

Print all ‘Help’ documents (pdf)

Catalogue – Browse and Search Facilities
Creating Enquiries and Ordering
Viewing your Order details
The ‘Purchase Manager’ facility
Order Import
Your User Profile
Administrator Tools
Your Account Details
'Offline Mode'

Catalogue – Browse and Search Facilities(pdf)

The Catalogue allows you to find and add items to your enquiry either by browsing the catalogue or utilising the search facility. The Catalogue is displayed by clicking on the ‘Our Catalogue’ tab displayed towards the top of the screen.

The Browse function is a simple way of selecting product ranges by clicking on the required catalogue sections by category level until the required product listing is displayed. The catalogue section listing on the left hand side of the catalogue screen or the one displayed in the centre of the screen can both be used in this way.

Another more direct way of finding items is by using the search facility.

A search which matches keywords against the catalogue product descriptions, product codes and article numbers will bring back a list of items displayed in descending order of the most keyword matches and also display related catalogue product groups. To use this search facility simply type the words into the ‘Search for’ box displayed just above the centre of the Catalogue screen and click on the ‘GO’ button.

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Creating Enquiries and Ordering(pdf)

When you have found the items that you require, you can compile an enquiry by inputting the required order quantities and adding the items. Quantities can be input directly by clicking on the ‘ORDER’ quantity box, by using the plus and minus buttons to either side of this or by a combination of the two methods.

To view your enquiry click on the ‘Current Enquiries’ tab displayed towards the top of the screen. From here you can edit the enquiry, save the enquiry for future retrieval or proceed to place the order. You can also use the enquiry to add items to your Purchase Manager lists or to create new ones (see ‘The ‘Purchase Manager’ facility’ for further details).

Once you are ready to place your order click on the ‘Proceed’ button on the ‘Current Enquiries’ screen. You will then be asked for further information including your reference and delivery details. Once this information has been completed click on the ‘Proceed’ button and your order details will be displayed for you to confirm. If you are happy to proceed and accept the terms and conditions, click on the ‘Place Order’ button. Your order will be placed and you will be issued with an order reference. A confirmation e-mail will also be sent.

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Viewing your Order details(pdf)

This facility allows to you view any of the orders that Owlett-Jaton have for you on your account including any outstanding back orders or forward orders that may exist. This shows all your orders and is not restricted to those placed through the website.

If you click on the ‘Orders’ tab towards the top of the screen a list of these orders will be displayed in reverse chronological order. This list shows the Owlett-Jaton order number, your order reference, the order type, date and value. By clicking on any of these records a screen will open displaying more detailed information and a ‘View Order’ button allows you to view the order line details.

Orders that have been invoiced are also displayed in this list and a print option is available should you require copies of your orders or invoices.

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The ‘Purchase Manager’ Facility(pdf)

To assist you in purchasing products where you need to place a regular order, for example, the Purchase Manager allows you to set up lists of items with order quantities that can be called up whenever required and used to create enquiries. One example may be to set up your Purchase Manager to reflect your shelves or display units. These lists can then be printed and used as part of the order process.

New lists can be created or items added to existing lists using the Catalogue or input directly if the product codes are known. It is also possible to create and add to these lists using existing enquiries. You can view these lists by clicking on the ‘Purchase Manager’ tab displayed towards the top of the screen.

Once lists are created, they can be edited, renamed and, if required, assigned to other users of the website from within your company.

Once set up, the lists can be used to instantly create a multiple line enquiry using all or just a selection of the products within the list.

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The 'Order Import' Facility(pdf)

A further tool to assist in creating your orders is the ‘Order Import’ facility. This allows you to create an order file on your own computer in a specified format and then upload this information directly to the website. It is also possible to use your own item codes and units of order in these files should you wish, providing that the information is set up on the Owlett-Jaton computer system. For more details on setting up this information please call the OJ Trade advice line on 01785 826117. To see a more detailed explanation of the required file format click on the pdf link above.

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Your User Profile(pdf)

As a ‘user’ of the website your personal details will have been used to create a login. By clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab displayed towards the top of the screen you can view and edit some of these details. For example, you may wish to change the e-mail address to which your order confirmations are sent. There is also the option to change the password that you use when logging on to the website.

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Administrator Tools

Administration privileges are available that give you control over the users accessing the website through your account. These allow you to set up new users and control, amongst other things, the access rights, maximum order value and passwords of existing users. For further information please contact the OJ Trade advice line on 01785 826117.

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Your Account Details

This page allows you to see an overview of some basic account details including your main telephone and fax numbers and credit account status.

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Offline Mode

In the unlikely event that the link between the website and the Owlett-Jaton order processing computer is temporarily unavailable a message will be displayed:

‘The website is currently operating in offline mode. You can continue to place your order. For further information please refer to the website ‘Help’.

You may still continue to place orders. The main differences are:

  • The prices displayed will not show your discounts but these will still be applied to the order once processed.
  • The stock availability indicator will be displayed based on the most recent information held on the website and is not therefore a real-time indication.
  • Your order confirmation will give you a web reference only and not the Owlett-Jaton order number.
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Changes have been made as follows:

  • The Owlett-Jaton 'Article Number' is now included on the website and is displayed alongside the product code on the product listing display.
  • A postcode filter has been added to the order confirmation screen - this will assist in locating the desired address more quickly.
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