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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update: 25th August

Despite the Coronavirus restrictions, Owlett-Jaton remains fully open for business. Our warehouse operations have been made Covid secure and are offering all products and services at full capacity.

To keep our office-based staff safe, the majority are working from home. Our phones are fully operational through a cloud-based diversion system, though we apologise if working from home results in any extraneous noise on calls. If possible, orders by e-mail or through OJ trade would be preferred. If you do not have a login for OJ Trade please contact your sales office or representative who will be able to help.

Our field-based sales staff are working, though principally working from home, and conducting meetings by video and phone. Physical meetings at customers’ premises can be arranged if required, providing social distancing guidelines can be followed.

We are not accepting non-essential visits at our sites. Where a physical meeting is necessary, our site social distancing and hygiene procedures must be followed.

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