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Delta Protekt

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M3%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M3 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS03 ; OJ409498

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M4%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M4 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS04 ; OJ409504

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M5%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M5 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS05 ; OJ409511

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M6%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M6 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS06 ; OJ409528

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M8%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M8 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS08 ; OJ409535

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M10%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M10 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS10 ; OJ409542

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M12%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M12 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS12 ; OJ409559

200 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M14%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M14 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS14 ; OJ572772

100 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M16%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M16 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS16 ; OJ409566

100 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M20%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M20 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS20 ; OJ409573

100 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M24%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M24 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS24 ; OJ426396

100 100
  Wedge%20Locking%20Washer%20M27%20Delta%20Protekt.%20Std%20O%2fD. link Wedge Locking Washer M27 Delta Protekt. Std O/D.

WLS27 ; OJ573786

50 100