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Shouldered Cup Hooks

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  SP1200%20Pk.6%2020mm%20White%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1200 Pk.6 20mm White Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1200 ; SP1200

10 10
  SP1202%20Pk.6%2025mm%20White%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1202 Pk.6 25mm White Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1202 ; SP1202

10 10
  SP1204%20Pk.4%2032mm%20White%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1204 Pk.4 32mm White Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1204 ; SP1204

10 10
  SP1206%20Pk.3%2038mm%20White%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1206 Pk.3 38mm White Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1206 ; SP1206

10 10
  SP1208%20Pk.8%2020mm%20EB%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1208 Pk.8 20mm EB Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1208 ; SP1208

10 10
  SP1210%20Pk.8%2025mm%20EB%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1210 Pk.8 25mm EB Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1210 ; SP1210

10 10
  SP1212%20Pk.6%2032mm%20EB%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1212 Pk.6 32mm EB Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1212 ; SP1212

10 10
  SP1214%20Pk.4%2038mm%20EB%20Shouldered%20Cup%20Hooks link SP1214 Pk.4 38mm EB Shouldered Cup Hooks

9SPACUPHK/1214 ; SP1214

10 10