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Screw Eyes

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  SP830%2014mm%20EB%20Screw%20Eyes link SP830 14mm EB Screw Eyes

9SPASSEYE/830 ; SP830

10 10
  SP833%2030mm%20BZP%20Steel%20Screw%20Eyes link SP833 30mm BZP Steel Screw Eyes

9SPASSEYE/833 ; SP833

10 10
  SP835%2040mm%20BZP%20Steel%20Screw%20Eyes link SP835 40mm BZP Steel Screw Eyes

9SPASSEYE/835 ; SP835

10 10
  SP837%2045mm%20BZP%20Steel%20Screw%20Eyes link SP837 45mm BZP Steel Screw Eyes

9SPASSEYE/837 ; SP837

10 10
  SP839%2055mm%20BZP%20Steel%20Screw%20Eyes link SP839 55mm BZP Steel Screw Eyes

9SPASSEYE/839 ; SP839

10 10
  SP841%2075mm%20BZP%20Steel%20Screw%20Eyes link SP841 75mm BZP Steel Screw Eyes

9SPASSEYE/841 ; SP841

10 10