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Security Bits - Pin Hx & TX

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  Pin%20hexagon%20bit%202.5mm%20A%2fF%20(25mm) link Pin hexagon bit 2.5mm A/F (25mm)

Q90VPBPH0025000000J ; HX294629

1000 100 Price On Application  
  Pin%20hexagon%20bit%203mm%20A%2fF%20(25mm) link Pin hexagon bit 3mm A/F (25mm)

Q90VPBPH0030000000J ; HX294636

1000 100 Price On Application  
  Pin%20hexagon%20bit%204mm%20A%2fF%20(25mm) link Pin hexagon bit 4mm A/F (25mm)

Q90VPBPH0040000000J ; HX294643

1000 100 Price On Application  
  Pin%20hexagon%20bit%205mm%20A%2fF%20(25mm) link Pin hexagon bit 5mm A/F (25mm)

Q90VPBPH0050000000J ; HX294650

1 100 Price On Application  
  Pin%20hexagon%20bit%206mm%20A%2fF%20(25mm) link Pin hexagon bit 6mm A/F (25mm)

Q90VPBPH0060000000J ; HX294667

1000 100
  Tamper%20tx%20bit%20TX15%20(25mm) link Tamper tx bit TX15 (25mm)

Q90VPBTT0015000000J ; HX294759

1000 100 Price On Application  
  Tamper%20tx%20bit%20TX20%20(25mm) link Tamper tx bit TX20 (25mm)

Q90VPBTT0020000000J ; HX294766

1000 100
  Tamper%20tx%20bit%20TX25%20(25mm) link Tamper tx bit TX25 (25mm)

Q90VPBTT0025000000J ; HX294773

1000 100 Price On Application  
  Tamper%20tx%20bit%20TX27%20(25mm) link Tamper tx bit TX27 (25mm)

Q90VPBTT0027000000J ; HX294780

1000 100
  Tamper%20tx%20bit%20TX40%20(25mm) link Tamper tx bit TX40 (25mm)

Q90VPBTT0040000000J ; HX294803

1000 100 Price On Application  
  Tamper%20tx%20bit%20TX45%20(25mm) link Tamper tx bit TX45 (25mm)

Q90VPBTT0045000000J ; HX294810

1 100