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A2 Hex Shear Nuts

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  A1%20Shear%20nut%20M6%20(10mm%20AF) link A1 Shear nut M6 (10mm AF)

Q20VP1600060000000J ; HX294544

1000 100
  A1%20Shear%20nut%20M8%20(13mm%20AF) link A1 Shear nut M8 (13mm AF)

Q20VP1600080000000J ; HX294551

1000 100
  A1%20Shear%20nut%20M10%20(17mm%20AF) link A1 Shear nut M10 (17mm AF)

Q20VP1600100000000J ; HX294568

1000 100
  A1%20Shear%20nut%20M12%20(19mm%20AF) link A1 Shear nut M12 (19mm AF)

Q20VP1600120000000J ; HX294575

1000 100