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Nylon Hammerscrews

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  PK135%20%206X40MM%20%20%20Nylon%20Hammer%20Screw link PK135 6X40MM Nylon Hammer Screw

POUFJNHS06040 ; OJ541471

5 1
  PK100%20%206X60MM%20%20%20Nylon%20Hammer%20Screw link PK100 6X60MM Nylon Hammer Screw

POUFJNHS06060 ; OJ541488

5 1
  PK50%20%20%208X80MM%20%20%20Nylon%20Hammer%20Screw link PK50 8X80MM Nylon Hammer Screw

POUFJNHS08080 ; OJ541495

5 1
  PK40%20%20%208x100MM%20%20Nylon%20Hammer%20Screw link PK40 8x100MM Nylon Hammer Screw

POUFJNHS08100 ; OJ541501

5 1