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  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  Galvd%20Oval%20Brads%20%2d%2040mm%20(in%20500g%20packs) link Galvd Oval Brads - 40mm (in 500g packs)

9GALVOBNTQ/005 ; PB7045

10 1
  Galvd%20Oval%20Brads%20%2d%2050mm%20(in%20500g%20packs) link Galvd Oval Brads - 50mm (in 500g packs)

9GALVOBNTQ/010 ; PB7046

10 1
  Galvd%20Oval%20Brads%20%2d%2065mm%20(in%202.5kg%20packs) link Galvd Oval Brads - 65mm (in 2.5kg packs)

9GALVOBNTQ/105 ; PB7043

5 1